Who are Gippsland Carers Association Inc?

We are a wholly voluntary Association of family carers and supporters of people with dependent disabilities, handicap, mental illness or aged frailty. If you care you are in!

Formed in 1997, we aim to improve the lives of unpaid family Carers and those for whom we care. We aim to change the way that society supports and recognises our significant and irreplaceable contributions to the welfare and wellbeing of children and adults with any dependent disabilities. 

Located in Gippsland Victoria we welcome members from anywhere in Australia. We are entirely self funded and rely upon our memberships and generous supporters to fund the services we offer.

We believe that people with dependent disabilities have the same rights as every other citizen to have access to living and support choices sufficient to sustain a community participation standard equal with everyone else.

Families that provide accommodation and care for people with dependent disabilities have a right to expect support from the general community and the government of the people who all benefit from our substantial contributions to the national economy.

Current Modelling of family carer contributions commissioned by Carers Australia accepts that our collective national contributions are equal to over $40Billion a year.

We aim to change the way that governments support caring families by seeking funding for our Campaign to establish Regional Carer Support Networks that will deliver direct 'grass roots' information, education, peer support and advocacy to caring families where they live.

GCA's contributions are widespread and well recognised across the nation. We are ‘breaking the silence’on the failing wellbeing of caring families due to poor support and inadequate services for the persons we care for. 

We make enthusiastic efforts to network with carer groups across the nation, to share information and support. We act as auspice to the voluntary National Carers Coalition.