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Report and news update from the National Disability Insurance Scheme Campaign with policy commitments from the Victorian Labour Government and Opposition Party. Read More 

Breaking Point-ABC 4 Corners- Reporter: Wendy Carlisle Broadcast: 15/02/2010 -  The heart-rending story that tells what it's like to live with a disability, or to care for someone who is disabled, in Australia today. Reporter Wendy Carlisle meets the families the nation has neglected. Read More

Bad jobs affect mental health - Katherine Nightingale ABC Science - 14-10-2010      Any job is not necessarily better than no job at all, say researchers.

We all know that having a bad job can make you unhappy. But new research has found it's worse for your mental health than not having one at all.Read More

Parent Carers of sons and daughters with disabilities are Exhausted - New research released today by ANGLICARE Sydney for Carers Week, shows that parents caring for a son or daughter with a disability are exhausted; they need more help to get through each day and plan for the future. Read More

Home ownership reduces the cost of home-based aged careFrom DPS Publishing SA -Australasian Housing & Urban Research Institute (AHURI) Research & Policy Bulletin, has reported on research that examined the costs and benefits of providing in-home care to older people in contrast to residential care, and evaluated the interrelationships between housing and care variables in determining the in-home care costs. More