KissOur Supporters and Contributors

Gippsland Carers Association is pleased to acknowledge our Friends, Carers and Supporters for making our Association the greatest volunteer and peer support organisation seeking to establish a Regional Carers Information, Education and Peer help Network.

Kiss A big thank you goes to each and every one who supports us in any way. Our gratitude goes especially to all the Trusts, companies, individuals and Carers who are helping us to establish our Regional Carers Network as a fully funded support to unpaid family carers in Gippsland... 

 Current  Contributors

Smile Ian Potter Foundation Smile

KissR E Ross Trust have joined us with great support to fund our very first Carer Champion 0.5 for a period of three years... Thankyou so much RE Ross Trust.

The generosity of the William Buckland Foundation is helping to support our Regional Carers Network Project. Kiss

 ♥The Samuel Nissen Foundation - Our Carers information project supported funding -'The Samuel Nissen Foundation' managed by  Perpetual.Kiss 

♥ The Jack Brockhoff  Foundation - for a survival Kit for Support Groups Kiss

♥ The Victorian Government - $100,000 over four years to assist us with our   Administration costsSmile

♥The Helen McPherson Smith Trust  - for helping us employ a part-time Admin PersonKiss

♥ Emeritus Professor Roger Rees - for donating his Book 'Out of Calamity' Innocent

♥ The Andrews Foundation - For funds to help us upgrade our digital CopierKiss

♥The Newmans Own Foundation - for funding of a Vehicle for our NetworkCool

♥The Besen Family Foundation - help to establish Support Groups in GippslandSurprised


The members and friends of CIPAID - we will never forget you for your support Kiss 

The R E Ross Trust - for the funds that allowed us to plan our Regional Carers Network Smile 

● Telstra Country Wide - for helping us launch our website

Latrobe City Council, especially for passing a unanimous resolution in support of Regional carer Networks  

Latrobe Health Service- Commonwealth Carer Respite Program

Carers Victoria

The Bishops Family Foundation Gippsland 

Generous Carer Donors

Parliamentary Supporters

Mr Peter Hall - Member Gippsland Province 

● Mr Russell Northe - Member for Morwell

● Mr Gary Blackwood – Member for Narracan 

● Mr Darren Chester – Member for Gippsland    

● Mr Russell Broadbent - Federal member McMillan

Watch this list as it grows